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December 7, 2017
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Bengaluru Police Under Scrutiny For Allegedly Stealing Money

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

Once again the Central Crime Branch (CCB) wing of Bengaluru has been under scrutiny for allegedly siphoning off more than 80% of the cash busted in a gambling den and only reporting a nominal amount as seized. The raid which took place on a gambling den in Madiwala not only captured the money but also caught the miscreants running it. Of the 13 people who were arrested some of them are relatives of an Andhra Pradesh politician.

A couple of weeks before, an inquiry committee was set up for the Una police believing their involvement in Satta games that were reported in that city, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Even in the last week, three CCB policemen were discontinued after they supposedly seized Rs 1 crore from a woman. High Grounds police doubt the trio was part of a money exchange racket and trying to substitute the Rs 1 crore in legal tender they had snatched from the woman with the demonetised currency that they had misplaced from the CCB strongroom. Those three police officers are still at large.

The cops have also been arrested for asking money to let a few of the accused to walk loose without a case being filed against them. The allegations were made by an Andhra Pradesh-based businessman in a charge with the city police commissioner, T Suneel Kumar. The commissioner has ordered Ram Nivas Sepat, deputy commissioner of police (CCB), to carry out a probe into the event.

Police sources said a CCB team had grabbed Rs 9 lakh from the gambling den and detained 13 people, including kin of an Andhra Pradesh politician. However, in a petition to the police commissioner, the complainant claimed that police had caught Rs 90 lakh from the lair but had shown only Rs 9 lakh in its reports. The complainant also alleged that police personnel involved in the case had demanded a bribe of Rs 35 lakh from each of the captured persons to allow them to go scot-free.

“The DCP is questioning the policemen involved in that raid and also the accused persons to find what happened,” a senior police officer said. “He may submit his report within a few weeks to the police commissioner,” the officer added.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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