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October 9, 2017
| On 4 years ago

8 Indians Triumph Big in UAE Jackpot

By Avtar Singh

The Big Ticket Draw held in Abu Dhabi is the most substantial jackpot in terms of cash prizes and luxury cars. One Canadian man, one Filipina woman, 7 Indian men, and one woman won Rs 1.78 cr (dhirham 1 million) each from the largest and longest-running monthly raffle draw. The UAE jackpot draw was held at Abu Dhabi International Airport on Thursday.

“Currently, I don’t have any plans for investments, but once I receive the money, I would plan. I am excited,” said Chandresh Motivaras, the 43-year-old winner. He is a chief accountant with a jewellery group in Dubai where he has been living since 2005. Abhaya Kumar Krishnan, another winner, did not believe it when he received the news over the telephone. He thought somebody is joking with him. The purchasing manager at Spinneys’ in Abu Dhabi was shocked when he received the second call from the organisers. He had been buying tickets for the last ten years. “I had bought the ticket, but I didn’t know that today is the draw date,” Krishnan said.

A 49 year old Keralite, intends to spend some portion of the winnings in a Kerala based education charity. He is willing to share his winnings with one of his friends. They purchased the ticket together. Sundaran Nalamkandathil, a 47-year- old jewellery designer, bought the ticket with a group of 20 people. He has been living in Ajman for last 2.4 decades.

Avtar Singh

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